HR software in Nigeria

HR Software in Nigeria | Top 10 Payroll & HR Software in Nigeria

What is HR Software?


HR software in Nigeria is a digital solution for managing and optimizing the daily human resources tasks and overall goals of the respective department of the organization. It is software that helps HR staff and managers to perform at their full potential along with saving uploads of their time and resources and which can be used for other profitable and productive efforts. Below we talk about the top HR software in Nigeria.


Human resources software is sometimes referred to as human resource management systems (HRMS), Human resources information systems (HRIS), or human capital management (HCM).


HR software in Nigeria has consolidated recruiting, workforce management, payroll solutions, time scheduling and management, onboarding, and strategic human capital management.

How HR Can Build a Professional Workforce


Many people might argue that strong brands attract strong talent, but strong brands are also built by the same strong talent. HR(Human Resources) plays a key role in hiring that talent and ensuring they are cultivated and grown. HR professionals should focus on being internal branders by the following


1. Onboarding
2. Reward programs
3. Communication and messaging
4. Culture
5. Technology


Companies that invest time and effort in their employees’ careers are then rewarded with motivated and dedicated hard workers who care about their companies’ success. These companies experience high productivity and profitability.

How HR Software Keeps Your Employees Happy?

It is a fact that happier employees will be more efficient within an organization. Happy employees are usually more willing to contribute cheerfully, fight fires with more grace and not complain about the pressures of daily tasks.


An HR software keeps your employees happy by stopping the micro-managing, Provide incentives, Encourage Employee Socialization, Improve Work/Life Balance, Create a Pleasant Environment. All this ensures the employees feel like they are heard properly and the organization is working to fulfill the employees’ needs and wants, keeping them happy.

10 Best HR Software for Startups in Nigeria 2021


1. Prime Payroll
2. SeamlessHR
3. Magnet Group
4. Smepayroll
5. Accur8HR
6. Fusion Flex
7. Tams
8. Elim Business Ventures
9. SystemSpecs
10. Talent Base


1. Prime Payroll


On our list of HR & Payroll software in Nigeria, PrimePayroll is the first. It is an enterprise cloud service for payroll and HR (Human Resources) management. Their payroll system helps with your payroll and HR administration and gives you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business however you want.


PrimePayroll has a host of features like :

1. Leave and loan management for employees.
2. Employee information management.
3. Automated tasks.
4. Many more generic features.
5. 24/7 mobile and web support.
6. Promising a secure system.


Price Plans:

1. Micro – ₦ 5,000/month (1-10 employees)
2. Small – ₦ 10,000/month (11-40 employees)
3. Medium(basic) – ₦ 20,000/month (41-100 employees)
4. Medium(advance) – ₦ 40,000/month (101-250 employees)


Contact Number: +234 806 6082 455
Email-id: support@primepayroll.com.ng


2. SeamlessHR


SeamlessHR is an HR software in Nigeria, which helps streamline your organization’s HR department. You can use this modern end-to-end HRMS(Human Resource management system) to grow your business effectively and help you along with everything, from hiring to retiring.


Some of its features are:

1. Centralized data
2. Reports and analytics
3. Statutory compliance
4. Automate and manage HR processes
5. Manage payroll
6.Manage performance
7.Manage recruitment


Contact number: +234 (809) 0643 874
Email-id: hello@seamlesshr.com


3. Magnet Group


Next on the list is Magnet group. They have multiple services like IT & audit assessment, financial service solutions, professional service and consulting, and IFRS implementation & training.

The software is an IT consulting and Business Technology company that has made a niche for itself as the prominent providers of credible business solutions for small business enterprises or even for growing and large businesses.


Across the Software, they have many features like

1. Access control and security audit
2. Financial software integrity audit
3. Server and network platform audit
4. Database assessment audit
5. Vulnerability assessment
6. Treasury, real estate, and accounting solutions
7. Risk management solutions
8. Flexible solutions
9. High quality
10. User-friendliness
11. Cloud computing


Contact number: +234 9092942048
Email-id: info@magnetgroupng.com


4. Smepayroll


SMEpayroll is an intuitive, flexible, secure, and modern cloud-based HRMS(Human Resource management system). Payroll is a crucial factor of a business of any size for legal and financial reasons. It is far more than just issuing payroll checks. The payroll processing involves deduction of taxes and remittance of the withheld taxes. You can use this software from anywhere in the world and pay for it in multiple currencies.


Some features of this platform are:

1. Manage employee data
2. Process staff salary
3. Administer access control privileges
4.Approve leave applications
5. Approve salary advance or loan applications
6.Manage HRMS documents
7. Apply for time off
8. Request for salary advance or loan
9. Report daily work activities
10.Fast, accessible anytime, anywhere

Pricing plans:

1. Desktop pro : NGN 198,000
2. Desktop Premier : NGN 321,750
3. Desktop Premier: NGN 495,000


Contact number: +234 8099221401
Email-id: info@smepayroll.com.ng


5. Accur8HR


Next on the list is Accur8HR which is a very known HR Software in Nigeria. It is an HRMS software that offers a complete scope of services that boosts the performance of teams and businesses. Our software makes it possible for you to execute all your HR (human resources) tasks from one place.


Some features of the platform are:

1. Performance Management Solutions
2. Payroll Solutions
3. Cloud Solutions
4. Automated interface
5. 24/7 Support
6. Agile and robust


Pricing Plans:

They have a monthly plan of 49$/ month and a yearly plan of 485$/ month and along with these you can extend your plan to get additional benefits for99$/ month


Contact number: 1 234 567 890
Email-id: contact@example.com


6. Fusion Flex


Fusionflex is an easy-to-use HRMS software. Fusion Flex makes it easy to manage employees, clients & assets. The HRM software by Fusion Flex was built for flexibility, data accuracy, responsiveness and to provide ease to its users. It has turned out to be a revolutionary solution for all types of organizations (small, medium, or large).


Some of its features are:

1. Tracking And Reports
2. Employee Self-Service
3. Financial Management
4. Easy To Use
5. Quality Support
6. fully customizable payroll software


Phone: +234-806-293-7916 | +234-818-539-4220
Email: info@dewdrops.com.ng


7. Tams


Tams is a smart attendance solution for your organization. It is fully integrated attendance tracking that equips you to plan better with more accurate data, it helps users enjoy a smooth and easy experience with the software, and it helps you achieve employee management in an easy way. Tams assists more than 1000 organizations and 100,000+ employees.


Some of the features of the software are:

1. Flexible Working Hours
2. Manage Complex Shift Schedules
3. Reporting & Analytics
4. 24-7 Customer Support
5. Simple and Customisable Interface
6. Employee Self Service
6. Biometric Authentication
7. Email Notifications


Contact number: +2348112677777, +2348113677777
Email-id: info@tams-ng.com


8. Elim Business Ventures


Elim Enterprise HRMS software is a human capital management technology that brings together the important workforce tasks in one easy-to-use platform. It is a window-based HR Software in Nigeria, designed to streamline all employee management processes like recruitment, onboarding, payroll, performance management, leave and claims management etc.


Their entire system consists of:

1. Elim Enterprise Human Resource & Payroll Software
2. Elim Human Resource Pro (Standard Edition)
3. Elim HR And Payroll Software (Security Service Coy Edition)
4. Elim HRIS And Payroll Software (Employee Outsourcing Coy Edition)
5. Elim Premium Payroll And HR Software (Public Sectors Edition)
6. Elim Payroll Services Management Software
7. PEZ Payroll (Online Edition)
8. Elim Pensioner Information & Payroll System


Contact number: (+234)8183889189, (+234)8130592222
Email-id: info@hrpayrollsoftwareng.com , elimbventures@gmail.com


9. SystemSpecs


SystemSpecs has 3 different software namely, Remita, PayLink.NG and HumanManager. Their aim is to develop human capital management and financial software solutions. After spending about 3 decades in the industry, SystemSpecs has emerged as a pioneer of the software industry of Africa. They have 20,000 businesses(small and large), 22 federal and state governments, and over 1,000,000 people are using SystemSpecs and trusting their solutions, which makes SystemSpecs one of the best HR Software in Nigeria.


Features of Remita:

1.Easier Payments of bills
2.Easier to transfer funds
3.Has Multiple Payment Channels (credit /debit card, POS, internet banking)
4.Recurrent Payment Management
5.Electronic Invoicing
6.Access to Loans
7.Multi-bank Account Balance
8.Transaction Notifications
9.Electronic Receipts
10.ERP Integration
11.Customised billing


Features of Paylink.ng

1.Easier to receive payments
2.Receive your Money Instantly
3.Transfer money with a Personalised Link
4.You can Set up your Paystore
5.Request Payments in Style
6.Get paid directly from Social Media
7.High security to Protect Personal Details
8.Free Setup of the software


Features of HumanManager

1. Easy Payroll Management
2. Time & Attendance Pay Computations
3. Manage Employee Loans
4. End-to-End Payment
5. Get detailed Payroll Analytics
6. Employee Information system
7. Leave management
8. Inbuilt Helper for User learning
9. Robust Performance Reporting
10. Performance Analysis
11. Part Salary Payment or Savings


Contact Number: +234 (1)2805182, (0)8035555051-2
Email-id: info@systemspecs.com.ng

Talent base

10. Talent Base


Talent Base provides an all-in-one HR solution. They believe that one should focus on what’s important while running a business. Their aim is to help businesses to turn their manual paper processed HR to an easy paperless one. They also offer demo services if you want to try and see how the cloud-based HR & payroll software works


Some of its features are:-

1. Performance Management and Centralised employee information
2. Recruitment & Applicant Tracking
3. Time & Attendance tracker which automatically syncs up with payroll
4. Calendar to track upcoming deadlines and when which of your employee took a leave
5. Manage Roles and Permissions given to employees
6. Mobile App so that you can track and analyse attendance, leave requests, from the comfort of your phone
7. Cloud Payroll and Disbursement into all banks.
8. Our customer support team is number one, available to you 24/7 and ready to help with all your HR needs.
9. Employee can login into the software portal and get access to their staff directory and their monthly payroll.
10. Pay salaries directly into all employees accounts with a single click.
11. Everything you need for a full-service payroll in one place
12. Track and handle employee loans and deduct from payroll.


Pricing plans:

Starter – Free plan provided with the basic essentials for a small team.
Basic – 36,000/year plan provided with essentials for a 10-person team.
Advanced – 72,000/year plan provided with an expanded HR module and the mobile app for a 10-person team


Contact number: +234 818 337 7264 , +234 902 974 8461
Email ID: info@talentbase.ng


HR & Payroll softwares are a very effective tool that will boost the productivity of your organization without any doubt, All these HR & Payroll software have decreased the burden and made things very smooth and efficient. So, here was the list of the top 10 companies providing HR software in Nigeria. Hope you or your organization found this information valuable and get the maximum results from the Softwares.

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