Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management: Every HR Professional Should Know

 Introduction of Human Resource Management


The covid-19 outbreak has impacted Nigeria to a large extent threatening economic and human development. Human Resource Industry and the most vital assets, I.e., Human Capital in Nigeria, have faced some ongoing hardship that needs an immediate solution to uplift their economy further.


The two questions haunt the corporate directors and other leaders in Nigeria. These two questions are mentioned below:



Question – 1: Do the Nigerian natives are capable enough to help the growth process of the companies established in Nigeria by contributing creative ideas and top-notch performances?


Question – 2: Does their organization hold enough resources like Laptops, training suits, cloud services, the latest technology, software, etc., to help the workforce deliver the best performances?


According to Wikipedia, – ‘Nigeria, in 2012, holds the 156th position having the value 0.459 as demonstrated by the Human Development Index. However, its position changed to 152th in 2015 with the value 0.514.’


Human Resource Management


To fill your head with all the relevant information, go through each aspect of human resource management as discussed below further in this article.[/vc_column_text]


Human Resource Description


“Human Resources” in the context of Human Resource Management are – ‘all the people associated with the organization and providing the benefits directly or indirectly.’ Such folks altogether form the workforce of a company. They can contribute or add value to an organization by working full-time, contractual, hourly, freelance, or part-time.


Independent Contractor vs. Agency worker


The Agency worker holds the authority to work under 5, 10, 20, or an infinite number of multiple companies at the time. He isn’t burdened by the company’s formal agreements and commitments, although their essential work allocated needs to be done on time.


Whereas, considering the second side of our discussion, the Independent Contractor is under contract and liable to work only for one company. This contractual agreement can be for six months, one year, two years, etc., based on the company’s needs. Based on their involvement in the company on different parameters and extent, the overall management and salaries differ.

Explanation: Human Resource Management


According to Decenzo and Robbins, – ‘Human Resource Management has everything to do with managing the people at work.’

As per Edwin Flippo, ‘Human Resource Management can be defined as the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, compensation, integration, controlling, training and handling the human resources to meet the objectives and predefined goals of the organization which are one for all.’

According to the NIPM – National Institute of Personnel Management, – ‘Human Resource Personnel Management is a crucial component of the management concerning all the people at the workplace along with their relationship with the organization.’

Labour Force Statistics: HR Management, Nigeria

Human Resource Management1. As per Wikipedia, the Labour Force of Nigeria in the year 2015 was around 74 Million.

2. The unemployment rate in Nigeria went around 6.4% in the year 2015. On the other hand, it was 10.8% in 2003.

3. In the last month of 2005, the Nigerian Labor Congress requested incrementing the minimum wage provided to the federal workers.

4. Gender inequality in Nigeria has increased, I.e., 2021, which has deteriorated the Human Capital building process.

5. Unemployment rates in Nigeria went up in the first quarter of 2021 by 32.1%.

6. Nigeria’s Human Capital has been underdeveloped for ages now, holding the 151st rank overall among United Nations countries.

Basics: Human Resource Management, Nigeria


Having effective Human Resource Management is the current need of Nigerian Organisations! Essential elements must be placed on the plate with the proper presentation. It will ensure the effective implementation of the HR policies. Factors featuring such affectability are mentioned below –


1. Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection deal with hiring the right talent for a particular job role in the company. Such hiring can take place via job interviews, group discussions, panels, and personal interviews.


2. Performance Management

Managing an employee’s performance helps the employees become the best at whatever they contribute to the organization. For example, Informal feedback, formal feedback, 360-degree feedback.


3. Learning and Development

L&D programs enable the employees to know, upskill and adapt to societal, technological, and legal changes.


4. Succession Planning

It’s a process of planning about filling the vacant vacancies for a specific job profile by the HRM if the existing employee puts in a notice to leave the company.


5. Compensation & Benefits

Fair salaries or other benefits like insurance plans, meal vouchers, travel expenses reimbursement, etc., ensures that the employees are staying motivated at the workplace.


6. Human Resource Information System

HRIS – is a tool meant for performing HR activities in a better way. It uses Applicant Tracking System, L&D system, payroll system, etc.


7. Human Resource Data and HR Analytics

Current HR data helps to make more data-driven decisions for a better future by analyzing them. For example, it helps to make predictions like the total number of employee requirements, entire T&D programs, total retention rate, etc.

Responsibilities: Human Resource Manager


The purpose of having the HRM team in the company is to make the deal between the employer and the job holder to run all the multiple areas of the company like the Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Sales department.


Multiple responsibilities are associated with the Human Resource Manager working in a Human Resource Management firm. All of them are stated below –


1. Welcoming new joiners in the company
2. Specifying the remuneration and the salary structure of each employee
3. Conducting induction and the Training & Development programs
4. Contributing to the overall performance management of an employee
5. Ensuring a safe work environment by bringing safety initiatives in the place
6. Designing policies and procedures meant for the employment of an employee
7. Providing proper management of every staff in the organization
8. Handling the entire recruitment process from job posting till final coordinating.
9. Responsible for assisting in the employee review process
10. Accountable for the staff planning for each department
11. Fulfilling the critical payroll requirements by availing the facility of the support systems in place

Latest Trends: Human Resource Management, Nigeria


Nigerian-based companies and employees look for highly enthusiastic, skilled, passionate, and competitive performers. Learn about the ongoing trends in Nigeria below:

Human Resource Management 1. Big Data Analytics

The Human Resource professionals of Nigeria, Africa, hold power to access big data as a part of the new ongoing HR Trend in Nigeria.

Access to big data has been possible because of the implementation of cloud-based services and Artificial Intelligence.

With the guidance of Big Data analytics, the gap between the decision-making process and the actual performance has been minimized. In addition, all the information can now be backed up and utilized later.


2. Self Reliability of the Employees

Employee tasks have been uplifted to the next level. They aren’t only restricted to taking care of the job responsibilities described in their offer letter. But, it has additionally become a portion of the trending latest measures adopted by Human Resource Management.

Adopting ‘Employees Self Service‘ – as a part of the Human Resource Management software system, the employees can rely on themselves for availing leaves and timely updating their data.


3. Cloud Workspace Adoption

Adopting the cloud services-based culture has become the top trend among HR professionals in Nigeria. However, manual working and data entry consumes a lot of time with zero effectiveness. One of the significant constraints earlier was the analysis of the data for projecting the future better.

Everything is getting fed and stored on the system in the online mode. It has been possible because of the cloud services today in Nigeria. It has led to the collections and the management of data highly effortless and smooth. Such automation has saved much time and errors that might have arrived because of manual working.

4. Employee Well Being

Poor work performance, inflexible working hours, and communication gaps within a team have become significant areas that Human Resource Management has paid attention to have the employees’ overall well-being.

Before the covid-19 pandemic, very few employees, i.e.., only 35%, would approach other people seeking help within the organization. The Nigerian companies have adopted various specialized wellness programs as the new HR trend of 2021 to provide overall mental support and well-being.


5. Extraordinary Employee Experience

The long-term employee retention in your company is directly proportional to his experience with the company. The folks falling under the category of the Gen-Z and the Millennials hold high expectations in their eyes before entering the organization’s premises. These expectations include gaining relevant work experience, numerous learning & development opportunities, and a rewarding system for the top-notch performing candidates.


6. Enhancing Leadership Program

With the increased awareness and moderation, the roles and responsibilities of the Human Resource Management workforce have been changing with time tremendously.

In the previous days, Human Resource Managers’ responsibilities were limited. They were only expected to plan, staff, direct, organize and control the employees. With the latest HR Trends in Nigeria, however, it’s quintessential to learn about their latest coaching techniques, governing and empowering employees by making them the leader of tomorrow.


7. Improved Training and Development Programs

In addition to the latest HR trend in Nigeria, Africa – Skills-based training & development programs have tremendously played a significant role. It undoubtedly offers smooth learning and working between the two critical interfaces, I.e., workforce and computer.

Coming of the e-learning applications as a part of the latest HR Trend in Nigeria has proved to be highly useful in the effectiveness of the learning and development programs.

Challenges: Human Resource Management, Nigeria


Among all the companies worldwide, Nigerian companies face many challenges related to Human Resource Management. Learn them one by one beneath –

Human Resource Management

1. Building today, Leaders of Tomorrow

Unhealthy relationships between the immediate boss and the employee can force the employee to leave the soul-sucking job, soon creating a challenge for the company. On the other hand, the direct healthy relationship between the Manager and the employee plays an indispensable role in promoting the Leaders of Tomorrow.


It will minimize the number of employees leaving the organization and boost the overall employee’s leadership skills to get promoted and handle their teams in the future.


Direct investment in the growth of an employee is the first path to overcome this challenge. In addition, it will make the workforce feel admired and understood at the workplace.


2. Satisfying Employee Experience

In big companies, hiring skilled and top-notch talent is easy. Still, the high workforce turnover or keeping them associated with the company for multiple years happily is another challenge faced by Employers.


Nigerian companies must note that they can overcome this challenge by creating an overall Satisfying Employee Experience. It will make them least think about other organizations and make a switch.


It can be done via flexible working times, flexible working days, reasonable compensation, upskilling T&D programs, office gym, playgrounds, and high performance-based rewards and recognition.


3. Employees Health & Safety

Ensuring good health is a vital part or aspect of Human Resource Management. However, the more critical it gets, the more challenging it becomes! Even the labor laws concern and cover various measures & programs for an employee’s overall well-being.


Challenges in Nigerian companies arrive because health has many aspects like psychological, mental, financial, etc. It’s not restricted to workplace security and a hygiene environment. The primary reasons behind such challenges are the increased pressure, workloads, targets, commitments, extra working hours, and unrealistic organizational expectations.


High-level Managerial training of the Human Resource Managers in contact with Emotional Intelligence can highly impact recognizing whether the health of an employee is in the correct state or not.

4. Finding the Right Talent

Nigerian companies suffer a lot in terms of hiring the right candidate for their organizations. It is because every job can not be a good fit for every talented person.


Filling a vacancy with the right and relevant talent is the biggest challenge Nigerian-based companies face today.


Such a challenge is easily overcome by associating with highly reputed HRM consulting firms. They will provide you with the right talent and help you assist in other corporate services packages to improve the overall performance of the current skill.


5. Enabling New Technologies

Many expenses get wasted on buying the new technologies by creating a new era of challenge for the company. Technology gives birth to modified, fast-paced, and remarkable outcomes!


Managing the company’s expenses on the outside front is quintessential. The technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, automation, Big Data, Data Science, and cloud computing quickly made a part of your current system to overcome such a challenge.


6. Welcoming New Changes with Happiness; Diversity

Diversity – has become an integral part of any organization. With this comes realization – where the brand and its services/products are reaching the top part of the world and creating an impact over others leading to diverse clients, maximize sales, and various employee experiences.


Such an ongoing diversity by the Nigerian company can often become a threat for them by putting across unseen challenges for Human Resource Management.


Indicating the awareness creating cultural programs and team-building exercises can be highly useful for the HR team to manage the workforce with the diverse culture.

Recommendations: Human Resource Management, Nigeria


Human Resource Management1. Adoption of the flexitime system should come into the picture for providing a sense of satisfaction to all the workers by getting their time, and needs-related demands met in the company.


2. Cooperative unions must be adopted as the central part of the organization.


3. The promotion of the employees should be thoroughly based on just performance and the years spent with the company. All the external advisory committees or interference should be least prioritized while taking care of the employee promotion.


4. The cross-industry study and the comprehensive industry study must be conducted to judge and analyze the overall challenges the Human Resource Management faces in Nigeria, compared explicitly to the other country’s Human Resource Management challenges.


5. Higher officials of the Trade Union should see themselves as the supporting entities and partners instead of the competitors whose motive must be to uplift its current status by allocating resources.


6. Workforce-related personnel policies should welcome and embrace the diverse group of people belonging to different nationalities.


7. The knowledge about EIS – Executive Information System has become essential for the Human Resource Manager to operate the online data and overcome challenges faced by the Nigerian companies.

List of best Human Resource Management firms in Nigeria


Nigeria consists of some best firms meant for the overall Human Resource Management. Refer below to understand about these firms –


1. NG Careers

NG careers are like the One-Step Solution – to all the recruiters and the job seekers. The best job search and job posting empower the healthy connection between the candidate and recruiter.




1. Extensive Nigerian network having a vast database of jobholders
2. Consists of all the updated and relevant job positions in the Nigerian Market
3. The official Website is https://ngcareers.com/
4. Allows the job posting
5. Enables the job search for their leading portal based on the company’s name, location, and other customized information


2. Adexen Recruitment Agency

The firm holds a good image in the Nigerian market. It has expertise in recruiting skilled laborers, promising consultation, headhunting, and assisting with the Human Resource Management tools.




1. The official Website is @https://www.adexen.com/en/
2. International Company
3. The company holds years of expertise in recruiting the best management staff.
4. Provides their ongoing services in Europe and Africa to date
5. The firm holds an individual office in Lagos.


3. People Prime and People Temp

People Temp and People Prime the two different organizations which work altogether by joining hands as partners.




1. Helps to find employers or employees
2. Provides full time, part-time hourly basis and contractual jobs
3. The good Website of the company is http://www.peopleprime.net/.
4. Highly effective services in finding the job fit talents


4. eRecruiter Nigeria

The company named eRecruiter Nigeria has got an extremely positive outlook. It’s always ready to provide a helping hand to the seekers and recruiters.




1. Rated number 1 among agencies and candidates
2. Highly enthusiastic team inclined with providing the full support
3. The reliable Website of the company is http://www.erecnigeria.com/.
4. Assists in finding the best talent for all across the countries
5. eRecruiter Nigeria organization holds all the relevant data fed with regards to vacancies at different companies, industries, fields, etc
6. Helps you with the necessary recommendations and advice to bring positive changes


5. Clement Ashley Consulting

The consultancy named Client Ashley is widely popular in Nigeria for providing the multiple job vacancies available recently.




1. Majorly popular for its tremendous consulting
2. Helps in the recruitment of the right candidate
3. Official Website is http://clementashley-consulting.net/
4. Helps by providing the career development services
5. Enables the candidates to find the relevant training programs and upskill themselves


6. PG Consulting, Lagos

PG Consulting is a giant firm that enables all the services related to recruiting remarkable talent and deployment.




1. Professionally takes care of the Human Resource Management activities.
2. A well known vast firm providing multiple services
3. The trusted site of this company is http://www.pgconsultingng.com/.
4. Holds the record of faithful and experimented employees
5. Provides the HR-related packages to corporates

Key Takeaways


The overall success and filling the gap between the Nigerian companies and other companies worldwide can only be empowered by the most vital assets, i.e., Human Resource Manpower or the people associated with the companies, to lead them to a better position. Henceforth, the timely identification of the problems faced by the workforce in providing the best of their efforts and helping them with suitable solutions can be highly motivating for the employees.




Human Resouces are the most significant part of any organization; they can either make, break or reshape the future of any organization. Therefore, the quality Human Resource Management team is required to be associated with all the companies for ensuring the hiring of the right talent and the deserving talent. Often the challenges faced by the Nigerian Companies are based on various parameters. Among all of them, recognizing the future landscape of the Nigerian-based corporate becomes highly challenging and the need of the hour! But, with the proper adoption of the new technologies, training & development programs and associating with the renowned firm will enable the attention of the right talents to your company.

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